Monitor, Protect & Deter your assests!

Monitor, Protect & Deter your assests!


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Security system installation

Welcome to Electronic Monitoring Toronto

To provide the best security camera installation and security systems installations in the greater Toronto area. We will answer the questions: which security cameras are the best, what is security camera app, why security cameras are good, can security cameras record audio & finally are security cameras worth it.

To provide your business or residence with the best options for security systems. Get you the best prices on CCTV installation. Protect your business or your home with the best security camera systems and security systems available on the market.

Electronic monitoring saves thousands of dollars, protects and deters against ongoing threats. Our goal is to install video surveillance system that will fulfill your security requirements. Indoor cameras or Outdoor camera systems come with the choice of wired or wireless camera systems.

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Make Your Business & Home Safer

Our solutions provide the best way to install security cameras in your business and residence. Delivering the best quality cameras systems for your business or residence allows our clients to view excellent video quality, live streaming and two-way audio.

Electronic Monitoring Security Control all the time

When can CCTV cameras be used? We will go through all security camera regulations, security camera rules and answer if security cameras can be used in offices.
We will also answer the question where can you legally install security cameras on private property. Our security systems installers will advise you on all of your security related questions and explain how to use your security systems.

Unbelievable Results

CCTV has significant effect on reduction in vehicle crime, property crime and theft. If you are concerned about violent crimes or disorder, CCTV cameras will only record the crime which can lead to higher conviction rate. We also offer with our partners physical security: Uniformed security guards & Bodyguards. This will in effect provide you with a total security solution for your business or residence.

Always Reliable Installation

Our experienced security systems installers provide fast, efficient and best solutions for your security system.

Leading by Innovation!

We offer the best prices on CCTV installation. We will meet with you and go through all your requirements in order to provide you with the best solutions. If you’re looking for the best on the market camera system, alarm system or security monitoring system.

Manage your business security systems from anywhere

Three Ways to Control Your Electronic Security System

Electronic Access Control

Electronic Access Control
Biometric security such Fingerprints or retina scan are a great way to control access to facilities / secure rooms. Please contact us for detail information about biometric security and electronic access control.

Wireless Smart 24/7 Remote monitoring

Wireless Smart 24/7 Remote monitoring – with all of our security systems, such as CCTV cameras, wireless security cameras, access control or alarm systems. Please contact us for detail information about Wireless Smart 24/7 Remote monitoring.

Security Camera Systems

At Electronic Monitoring Toronto we provide a wide assortment of IP NVR, DVR and wireless camera systems. Please contact us for detail information about Security Camera Systems.

Best Security Systems & Security systems installations in Toronto